Vision and expertise

The power of human to human approach in business

I’m passionate about forecasting competencies needed in the next normal, human to human approach in leadership and experience-driven business strategies that unleash the full potential of build resilient and successful companies. 

The year 2020 has been wake-up call for many individuals, teams and companies. This year has proved that everyone needs to be better prepared for changes. We need to:

  • know how to create experiences (both online and offline), that drive sales and customer engagement.
  • innovate new business models and service concepts.
  • re-think what skills, competencies, abilities, and work-life skills are needed now and in the future.
  • lead purpose and meaningfulness at work, no matter where and when the work happens.
  • understand how to lead employees through transformation and increase employee engagement at the same time.
  • re-think organization structures to truly enable and empower people to co-create and test new ideas.
Human to human customer & employee experience
Forecasting and re-thinking the future of work
Leading purpose and meaningfulness at work


Experience-driven business: opportunities and impact

Customer and employee experiences are trending at the moment. Yet, most of the companies haven’t unleashed the full power and potential of experience management to grow business, optimize operations, and create new business opportunities. My approach to experience management is business-driven, human to human and systematic.

Human to human leadership: inspire, engage and activate

I have strong change management, team lead, and career coach background. I believe open communication and great workday experiences are key to employee engagement. In both, leader, consultant, and advisor roles, I ensure everyone understands the big picture – where we are now and where we are going towards.

Taking strategies into action: Support, coach, motivate

I help management and cross-functional teams to break the main goal into actionable smaller steps and simple processes, to make sure we go forward in the right direction. My work is also to create meaningfulness at work, to help everyone understand what is their role to take strategy into action and how they can make an impact.

Cultivating creativity: curiosity, testing, learning

Creativity is not only visual. Creativity is also finding new ways of doing things, seeking new business opportunities, and turning those into services and products. Sometimes creativity means finding new and better ways to do everyday tasks. Creativity is also building social networks and understanding how different personalities should be led.