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“Henna’s keynotes show and inspire how to take strategies into action. She inspires how to lead change and how to engage all levels of the organization to be part of the transformation. She provides fresh perspectives, inspires and shows how take concrete actions.”

Let’s talk about experience-driven business, transformation and leadership

The world will be shaped by the companies that engage their customers and stakeholders with memorable, human-to-human experiences. I provide keynotes, coaching sessions, workshops for CEOs, executive team, boards, leaders, managers, and team leads from global enterprises to SME’s and startups.

I help you to transform your business and lead with the customer experience and employee experience. I inspire your team of what the future looks like, and help them to break the big picture and goals into smaller steps and processes.

Keynote speaker
Workshop facilitator

Available for:

  • Keynotes and public speaking
  • Advisor for company strategy work
  • Higher education courses and lectures
  • Board member (Customer Experience, Marketing)
  • Webinars and podcast guest
  • Ask also about longer training modules,
    longer projects and CXO / Customer Experience Director as a service 

Most popular themes and topics

Towards Experience Centric business – strategy and roadmap to success 

  • trends and benefits
  • strategy and goal-setting
  • key elements of a roadmap
  • who to engage and why
  • re-thinking metrics and processes
  • examples

Stop the CX bullshit! A practical session on how to create and lead 360° Customer Experience

  • a fresh and practical approach to CX
  • surprising business benefits
  • breaking down the silos – organizational approach
  • focus what matters – a customer’s approach
  • concrete examples

Wake up! Why and how your business benefits from 360° Employee Experience

  • business benefits
  • boost employer brand with employee experience insights!
  • why to combine both employee experience and customer experience
  • concrete examples

Customer Experience Test Labs – an innovative way to engage customers

  • what is a Customer Experience Test Lab concept
  • different types of Test Labs
  • why, when and how to create
  • outcomes and benefits
  • examples and findings

Leading the transformation – the experience-driven approach

  • building experience-driven culture
  • how to implement experience-driven strategy into daily work across the organisation
  • roadmap and best practices
  • key roles and stakeholders
  • concrete examples

Human to Human approach to leadership and employee experience 

  • why employee experience matters now more than ever
  • how to measure and co-create better employee experiences
  • employee experience insights as leadership and change management tool
  • examples from the field, e.g. remote employee experience