What people say about me?

I have been honoured to work with great talents around the world. Here’s what some of my colleagues, clients, managers and people joined my workshops or keynotes say about me.
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References about business and experience management development and leadership:

“Henna is a force to be reckoned with. Working under Henna was an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. As a manager Henna always provided support and guidance. She is able to spot people’s skills and empower them to develop further. We had weekly meetings in which she provided feedback and made suggestions on the current tasks that were handled. If a problem arose, Henna would provide support by placing the information into perspective and giving new insights which would allow me to make better decisions. With her, I always felt trusted and empowered to do my best job.

For Henna, values are very important and they reflect in everything she does. During tough times, she is ready to adjust and adapt to the situation without losing the quality of her work. Henna is one of a kind, full of drive and passion which inspires everyone around her.”

Mariana Perez, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

“One of the biggest challenges corporations typically have is the alignment of Sales and Marketing – Henna is the solution. Having worked with Henna for almost two years now I am continously impressed by her passion for customer experience excellence – with her CX skill set and expertise she has been working hand-in-hand with our Customers, Customer Success and Sales teams to develop long-term customer experience strategies, driving operational improvements for true customer centricity.

In addition – her ability to translate her knowledge and wisdom into exciting keynotes & presentations makes her an incredible asset. Every theory looks great on paper – Henna brings them to life and makes sure all stakeholders involved actively contribute and stay focused in the long run of the recurring customer engagement cycle.”

Jessica Bethune, Vice President of Sales, EMEA

“Henna is a true customer advocate, always challenging everyone to think from customer perspective at the same time assuring that everything that is done will be done in a feasible way from business perspective. Henna challenges in a positive way, which leads to learning and growth both on personal and organizational level. She is passionate about people, customers and marketing. She puts her 101% into everything she does. In addition to understanding the big picture and driving things on strategic level, she also executes with high quality. Henna has amazed me time after time with new thoughts and ways to do things.”

Sanna Vaittinen, Customer Success Leader for EMEA

“Henna is talented and a true professional in her field. She is an excellent communicator as well as she has a wide understanding and capability to see the overall strategy and implement it in an operative level and into concrete actions. She is kind, helpful, and always approachable! It is a pleasure working with her, she brings great value to the business as well as the whole work community!”

Heidi Hyysalo, Employer Brand professional, Sales Development lead and OKR Coach 

Henna is a true customer advocate, always challenging everyone to think from customer perspective at the same time assuring that everything that is done will be done in a feasible way from business perspective.

About customer and employee experience

References about facilitating the strategy work:

“I have had a pleasure to work with Henna in several cross-team projects. Her way to inspire people around her is magical! Every time I have participated in Henna’s workshop I’ve walked out happily and astonished by how much a group can achieve in a few hours. I am mesmerized by her ability to ask the right questions, and connect scattered and hazy bits and pieces into a coherent entity. She leads workshops skillfully, listening and valuing everyone’s opinions, guiding the discussion gently towards the end goal, which is both hands-on and ambitious, making it hard to wait before executing the plan!”

Sanna Kulmala, Customer Training Management and eLearning professional

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Henna with customer journeys and other CX-related projects, and she organises some of the best workshops that I’ve ever participated in. No matter the subject, I always leave Henna’s workshops with new ideas and practical solutions that I can immediately apply to my own work. When it comes to managing customer experiences and communication she understands the importance of the balance between the big picture and the practical, ground-level actions that support it.

She’s also an excellent public speaker, who can inspire people with both her knowledge and her enthusiasm.”

Mirka Sillanpää, Customer Communication and Engagement professional

“Henna is fun to work with and has great energy! As a client, I always felt that she really understood what we needed and aimed for, and was able to transform that into something unique.
I feel she sees the strategic big picture but also understand the practical side of content creation, and we’ve had many inspiring discussions during our projects.”

Marianne Huhtala, Marketing Manager

“Henna has a warm, bright personality, a lot of vision, ideas and strategic knowledge. Working with her is easy, inspiring and fun. She knows how to listen to a customer and finds solutions specifically according to customer’s needs. She gets things done in really short notice and knows how to coach, listen and give support. I highly recommend Henna for strategic marketing, guidance, campaign and content creation or as a co-worker.”

Nora Hurd, Head of Global Marketing

Henna is one of a kind, full of drive and passion which inspires everyone around her.

About leadership and inspiring teams

References about combining business and creativity:

Henna is really easy to work with in multidisciplinary team. We worked together in global b2b customer case. She is honest, reliable and fantastic person to work with. She really understand needs of customer and represent customer voice and is willing to go extra mile for your success. With Henna you’ll be always tread as kid gloves. She can really motivate her team and get things happen.

Esamatti Vuolle, Digital Experience, Sales & Transformation Leader at Finnair

Henna is a visionary whose insightful visions are based on meticulous use of data and strategic thinking. In addition Henna is a pure joy to collaborate with thanks to her quick wits and co-operative attitude.

Henri Mattila, Strategist at Ilme

“I had a priviledge to work with Henna in our team for few years. She is creative and strategic powerhouse for any marketing challenge.
Her non secret powers are #employerbranding #employerexperience and #customerexperience. She is destined for great things.
And fun to work with too!”

Petri Halonen, CEO 

I had the pleasure to work with Henna, conceptualizing marketing themes. Henna works with a result driven approach and has a great ability to transform complex solutions into customer oriented marketing material. Always with a positive attitude and great energy, looking forward to work with Henna again in the future.

Carl M. Gustavsson, Marketing Manager Konecranes Lift Trucks

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