Henna Ojala

Hey you,

I’m glad to see you here! Take a cup of coffee or your favorite (green) tea and stay for a while. Take a tour to read my insights on how to combine digitalization and human-to-human experiences to grow your business.
I also help companies, leaders, and teams to forecast and plan what kind of competencies and strategies we need in the next normal to stay competitive. I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a message or send WhatsApp.

Business KPIs meet high-impact experience strategies

My approach to Customer Experience and Employee Experience is strongly business development and goal-driven. I help you to plan, lead and execute experience strategies and roadmaps with clear goals. I help you to engage the whole organization and show why everyone’s work has an impact on CX or EX.

Now it’s your turn to be a forerunner. Let’s find new business opportunities, optimize resources, and grow business through strategic Customer and Employee Experience.

Transformation Leader, Speaker and Advisor

I actively train and coach executives, managers, and teams, advise companies, and speak at various public and private events about customer experience, employee experience, the future of work, and leadership.

In my keynotes and training modules, I heavily focus on concrete results, cross-functional strategies, and processes, change management, and experience management roadmaps.

Inspiring and sharing knowledge

I truly think companies become truly customer experience-driven only by sharing the best practices and insights. That’s why I share my insights and help others to navigate through a transformation with confidence.

I have been doing high-impact strategies, broke those down to roadmaps, and took the strategies into actions by engaging and inspiring people. I’m on a mission to transform business towards more: #HumanToHuman #CustomerCentric #CrossFunctional #Resilient

What’s your superpower?

I enjoy getting to know new people, You! Share your passion or your superpower.
Below I tell you a couple of things about me. Now it’s your turn!

36 countries

My favorite places are Laos, Slovenian mountains, and tiny paradise islands Koh Mak and Perhentian.


Sunset fishing is my favorite time of the day and the sound of seagulls make me feel home!

Children's book

Yep, it’s about a superhero and kiddo who have a mission to save families from busy mornings.