I am a creative and innovative person, who enjoys making things happen with a twist. A master of organizing and making things happen. Constantly curious in learning new tricks. Mainly focused on branding and marketing, service design and design thinking, empowering creativity, networks and possibilities of cross-overs in business. Works as a CCO at Atomi Creative marketing, content strategist at FlyPartners and has her own firm Reuna Consulting.

Curriculum Vitae

Most recent work and study experience in brief

  • CCO, Atomi Creative Marketing

    I create marketing concepts to ensure our clients talk right messages to their key target groups. My role is to land these concepts to digital and physical touchpoints across the customer journeys. At Atomi, our promise to our customers, Find the Core™ – is also a tool to dig out the essence in communications.

  • Multi-channel content strategist, Fly! Partners

    Marketing and communications are currently changing from mass marketing towards personalized content marketing messages. The most effective marketing actions are the ones which make target audience take steps forward on their pre-designed customer path – steps towards sales. We have an intersectional team planning and executing marketing and communications actions which have measurable and concrete results. My work at Fly! is planning and executing multi-channel content strategies and concepts – marketing that activates your customers and fulfills the goals your business has for marketing and sales

  • CEO, REUNA Consulting

    Do you want to blend in or stand out? I am passionate about helping people and companies realize the possibilities of cross-overs and intersectional ideas. REUNA provides ideas, information and concrete actions how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, whether we talk about personal or corporate branding, business strategies, B2B sales, recruiting processes or other. Our customers are mainly restaurants, small boutiques and start-ups – companies that want to be memorable for each customer.

  • Development Manager, Uratehdas 08/2013-currently

    I renewed Uratehdas brand with zero budget, created Uratehdas social media activities and built up a vivid network from the scratch . In 10 months I created LinkedIn groups, which are now the largest job seeker and employer groups in great Pirkanmaa area, organized innovative recruiting event, created recruiting site and created a popular blog (www.uratehdas.fi/blogi).

    1. Communications and Branding: Marketing and social media activities, internal and external communication activities, content creation to both digital and print media, PR, press releases and articles. Built strong cooperation with corporate, start-up, public and third sector actors.
    2. Workshops and Career coaching: In my Curriculum Vitae and LinkedIn workshops I help jobseekers to stand out in the recruiting process. I am spesialized in jobseeker branding of high educated professionals and experts. I have coached over 300 technology and trade professionals and received feedback average of 4.6/5.
    3. Creating and planning new events and new, innovative ways to empower jobseekers in their recruiting process.

  • Lecturer, Tampere University

    Lecturing about organizational change and management at the School of Management, University of Tampere. Planned and created case material and reading material for the seminar. Feedback given by the students was good; seminar was a success with open discussion, interesting case materials and easy-going but effective double-loop learning experience.

  • Recruitment specialist, StudentWork 09/2008-09/2011

    Staffing and Recruitment, both contract and permanent positions. Responsible for full recruitment process in close cooperation with corporate clients and jobseekers. Interviewing both Finnish and international jobseekers, mostly with engineer, ICT, trade and communications backgrounds. Worked in close cooperation with HR managers and CEO's from SME's and national and international corporations.

    Specialized also in Employer and Personal Branding, Job vacancy advertisement and PR. Good results in B2B sales and negotiations with companies from various fields of business. During my role as a Recruiting Specialist I gathered wide knowledge from collective labour agreements and Employment Contract Act.

  • MSc. (Admin.), University of Tampere, 2006-2012

    I wrote my final thesis during my maternity leave while my baby was taking a nap. I found the concept of networks, intersectional innovations and new ways of fasilitating and empowering creativity and radical innovations truly interesting. And so did many focus groups; my thesis was awarded as ** The marketing thesis of the year 2012 ** and ** The best Administrative Science thesis of the year 2012**. I have had an honour to speak about my research topic to marketing professionals and CEO's, academic researchers and practitioners.
    I am currently taking a deeper insight on the topic in my PhD dissertation.

    Focused on innovations, management consulting, organization management and strategy.

  • BBA, Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2005-2008

    Final thesis on how to combine public sector communications and storytelling marketing?
    "Laos - stories from the Mekong riverbank" was a publication made to order for the Finnish Foreign Ministry. Grade 4/5. Client: Unit for Development Communications, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

    Focused on communications, project management and international trade. Asian studies program (25 ECTS) / Finnish University Network for East and Southeast Asian Studies

What I do

A thinker, creative innovator, doer and facilitator


I am a person who enjoys combining analytic thinking and scientific research into concrete actions. I enjoy thinking and creating new ways of doing things and believe in simplifying things in various areas of business, marketing and branding.

Creative innovator

I do enjoy problem solving and turning ideas into action. Many people either like ideation phase or the organizing phase - me, I enjoy the whole journey. In taking ideas into innovations, I am the person who likes to solve problems for ideas which at first seem undoable.


I have unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. My focus is to provide ideas, information and concrete actions how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, whether we talk about recruiting process, business strategies, B2B sales or other.


My passion is empowering and facilitating creativity – I enjoy helping people and their organizations realize their full potential. My colleagues, customers and supervisors have described me with words emotionally intelligent, inspirational, positive personality, quick learner and ability to empower others.

  • Need a thinker and a doer?
  • Challenge me!

This is me

A curious and creative people person

My passion is to learn more - constantly. You can catch me from reading latest tech news, watching a documentary film about indegenious tribes, writing poems and stories or fixing ceiling lamps.
I am an eager traveller - been to over 30 countries. I love cultures, stepping off the beaten path, meeting new people and networking. On my off-duty time I enjoy long distance running, gym, DIY projects and most of all, listening the wisdom of my 3-year-old son. I love spoken and written language - wether it is in my native language or other, stories or scientific articles. My special talent is to make up stories and short poems about anything.
Me with 3+1 words? I would say #curious #creative #makingthingshappen #outofthebox
What is my passion? My passion is to challenge myself every day.

  • Henna indicated exceptional talent (top 10 % of Master graduate students) in her Master´s studies. Currently she is doctoral student in our University. Along with her academic excellency she is also practically oriented person being able to manage projects effectively. Therefore I warmly recommend her in many kinds of challenging professional tasks.

    Klaus af Ursin, PhD (Admin.) University of Tampere

  • Henna is a wonderful person with a very professional way of working. She truly excels at bringing new, creative ideas to reality. She is extremely social media savvy and has brought communications of Career Factory (Uratehdas) to a whole new level with an active use of Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Henna´s blog posts for Uratehdas are full of advice, tips and new ideas how to promote one´s career at the stage of looking for a new job. I also admire her interest in academic issues and her dedication on writing her PhD.

    Marinka Wieru, Marketing professional

  • As a recruitment specialist, she took total responsibilities for clients and cases. She was an efficient, creative and professional recruiter. Everyone at the office liked Henna and she was always a positive appearance at work. I personally can recommend her for similar and even more demanding positions.

    Tero Hakala, Sales Manager Studentwork Findea

  • Tutustuin Hennaan työskennellessämme Studentworkilla. Henna on helposti lähestyttävä persoona, joka tartuttaa positiivisuuden, luovuuden ja hymyn myös ympärillä oleviin. Häneltä kannattaa kysyä apua jos haluaa luoda uutta, uudistaa vanhaa tai muuten vaan tehdä asiat hyvin ja tehokkaasti. Tai jos tarvitsee apua täydellisen lahjan suunnitteluun. Henna on ehdoton tiimipelaaja, luotettava kollega ja häneltä löytyy aina aikaa auttaa muita. Työntekijänä Henna on aikaansaava ja itsenäinen moniosaaja. Hän uskaltaa ottaa vastaan haasteita ja on erittäin hyvä organisoimaan. Henna on parhaimmillaan ihmisten kanssa, mutta teki hän mitä vain, hän hoitaa sen ammattimaisesti ja laadukkaasti. Voinkin suositella häntä monenlaisiin haastaviinkin työnkuviin.

    Heidi Laaja, Regional Manager, HR professional

  • Mom knows how to play and eat. Mom likes to play.

    My Son, a Lego professional, great thinker


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